Wednesday, 15 February 2017

POS System for Retail, Restaurant and More

Restaurant and food joints are typical examples of retail stores that register sizeable footfalls in a day. With increasing digitalization, restaurant owners and operators increasingly are shifting to POS system for better management.

There are certain common features of Restaurant Point of Sale Systems-

Tip Tracking and Time Clock, Order Entry, Kitchen Printing, Check Handling, Spoilage Reporting, Recipe Costing, Reservations, Queue Management, seating, Menu management, Inventory management, Inventory receiving, and Customer Relationship Management.  While evaluating the functionality of a software, restauranteurs should evaluate the aforementioned function to meet their unique requirements. 

For many small restaurants, a basic restaurant management software system is enough to run payments like a cash register would. Typically, these restaurant owners will use small business accounting software like QuickBooks or standalone POS applications.

Other restaurant owners have larger requirement if they are running a chain of joints or franchise holders. They look for more advanced features such as integrated inventory management, customer relationship management, food costing and more. For them iConnect offers Aloha POS System which is a retail software suite with restaurant-specific features. iConnect offers Cloud based POS system for multi-location brands. This help to standardize hardware, centralize reporting and improve unit economics. Get in touch with us to request more information or free trial request. 

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