Thursday, 30 March 2017

How Can a POS System Help Your Salon Business?

Whether it is salon or restaurant or shopping store, the most important factor that strengthens businesses is strong customer relationship. Therefore, businesses keep on working on improving customer satisfaction. Long queues, delayed payment transactions etc. are some factors that frustrate customers. Thus to overcome these issues, many salon owners are implementing POS systems.
Here in this blog, we have discussed how a POS system is useful in salon businesses growth:
Fast payments: one of the biggest factors that is responsible for poor customer experience is long transaction processes. People get frustrated standing in long queues waiting for making payment. By using a POS system, you can manage the transactions quickly and efficiently. Also, you can process credit/debit card payments as well.  
Stock: you can manage the stock such as beauty products including shampoos, conditioners etc. and assets such as hair dryer, straightener etc. You can easily know which products are sold out and you have to reorder them.
Sales Reports: any business be it salon or apparel, wants to track their progress and this can be done when you have respective reports of your sale, inventory etc. This salon POS system can give you reports related to your stock, sale, profits, loss etc. so that you can analyze the progress of your business. You can work on new sales techniques to make your customers happy.
Customer Satisfaction: when the factors such as speedy payments, efficient inventory management etc. will work together, then it will lead to full customer satisfaction thereby resulting in extensive business development.

So, by these ways, a POS system can improve salon business growth. Investing in a good POS system is a smart move every salon business owner should follow. Hope this article will help you. Good Luck.   

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Different Types of POS for Your Restaurant Needs

Restaurants are regarded high or low based on the quality of food they serve, friendly and dedicated staff and their location. This cannot be denied. However, restaurants need more than this. No matter how well their menu is and how engaging the people working there are, if there is no solid business infrastructure in place, the magic will be gone in few days.
POS system for restaurants is more than just taking orders and preparing checks. It actually gives the restaurant owner total control on all the operational aspects (important or less) of the restaurants. Here is a list of different types of POS system that suits your restaurant needs. Check them out and buy one today.
1.       Baker POS System: With highly customizable user interface, POS reflects product selection. Easy to keep track of special orders, events and delivery schedules.
2.       Delivery POS System: If your restaurant is majorly into home deliveries then this restaurant POS system suits you. It supports online ordering which reduces the time spent by employees on phone and hence increasing efficiency. The machine also allows for order tracking in-house and monitoring them.
3.       Deli POS System: This type of POS system supports multiple units to earn more local clients as well as exotic ones. Orders are taken at one terminal, and then the order is sent to the deli line. Here the order is filled and presented to the customer. Such kind of POS system rallies inventory management which is the most decisive component of a busy deli.
4.       Bar POS System: One can link pour spouts to the POS system to make sure that bartenders are not pouring more beverages to customers and cutting profits. Drinks are enlisted in the POS, when they are fed to customers, exact amount is deducted from the inventory.

iConnect lets the restaurant owner or a manager stay up-to-date on the progressing world of automated point-of-sale technology in restaurant industry by offering the best POS systems for their restaurants. This POS market leader understands the nuances of various industries using POS systems, therefore iConnect offers countertop, mobile and kiosks type POS solutions to meet the exact demands of the respective industry. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Best Ways to Automatize Your Restaurant with the Most Effective POS System

Technology and automation are surrounding us. From hi-tech bank tellers to robotized retail checkouts, an ever increasing number of enterprises are seeking modernization as a financially savvy, more helpful, and far simpler approach to work altogether. Restaurants, of course, are no special case.
In the first place, what is automation process? Well, it's an inside point-of-sale (POS) automation framework performing task per day, per week and month-wise. Let us sail through some approaches to make the best use of the restaurant POS framework to robotize a restaurant.
Email reports
Email or send a report to anyone only on a schedule time interval. This helps you keep a track of all the work activities that held in the facility even when you are not present. For instance, you can have a daily sales report emailed to you every day once the restaurant closes.
Daily back-up
Restaurant POS can be scheduled to back-up whatever data is available on-board. This can be archived or made accessible for reference or any other use through web or local removable media. It also records execution of a job.
Export Data
Data contained in files can be exported to a third party system like ERP or accounting systems that can be used for the client interface.
Alerts can be set in the POS system for critical decisions to be made. For example, a manager gets an alert if the labor cost exceeds the set amount or any IT personnel gets an alert when restaurant computer system gets disconnected.
Discounts and Vouchers
Loyal customers can receive discount notifications or vouchers in the form of automated emails, as enabled by an efficient POS system for the restaurant.
iConnect lets the restaurant owner or a manager stay up-to-date on the progressing world of automated point-of-sale technology in restaurant industry by offering the best POS systems for their restaurants. This POS market leader understands the nuances of various industries using POS systems, therefore iConnect offers countertop, mobile and kiosks type POS solutions to meet the exact demands of the respective industry.

To grow your restaurant business, make it automated using the best restaurant POS system. Simple. Share these words of wisdom with your other restaurant owner friends (provided you want them to grow too!).

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

5 Sure Shot Signs Telling Your Restaurant Needs a POS System Now

Do you have dissatisfied customers? Are you regularly missing the targets? Do you turn away your customers? Is your restaurant present computer POS system crashing again and again? If you have all the answers in positive, then you need to think because it’s time to switch to the best POS system for restaurants.
Let us navigate through 5 illuminating signs that will drive you to invest in the best restaurant POS systems and software.
1.       You have a big queue outside your restaurant, but your tables are empty. Yes, many restaurant owners will agree. This is purely the sign that the staff is busy taking reservations or they are walking from table to table to check which ones are finishing. Restaurant point of sale software by iConnect enables host staff standing at the podium see the other diners having their meal without leaving the front door. This way tables can be arranged for the new customers.
2.       Peak hours at a restaurant generates maximum fame and revenue. But it can turn into a nightmare if you have a lethargic restaurant cash register system or inefficient enterprise POS. Constant server crashes and system errors will not let you make most out of peak hour opportunities.
3.       If your servers are not with your guests, but at a host station guessing at which tabs to press and which dialog box to cut, you should at once think of buying the best POS system for your restaurant. iConnect promises you a multi-location POS system that you can manage from anywhere.
4.       If the waiting time between two courses are more than 10 minutes, then it needs to be corrected at once. We understand that you have an exhaustive menu and your diners love your three course meal, but no way should you make them wait. An efficient restaurant POS system improves the communication between host staff, server and kitchen staff.
5.       If your ‘no reservations’ strategy fails, someday or the other, your customers are going to say to the waiting you offer and you cannot afford to lose them. With the best restaurant POS system from iConnect, the host staff can take reservations effortlessly as it enables online booking, viewing detailed seat mapping and availability during peak hours.

To save your restaurant from any trouble, the best choice is to have the best POS system for your restaurant.

POS Retail System – Tracking Inventory Value of Retail Industry

In each and every type of retail operation, tracking of inventory value plays a vital role. Regardless of the size and type of business that is being operated, it is mandatory to determine the value of inventory in terms of money.  Such information is important for accurate financial statements, along with making informed business decisions that enhance success rate.
Superior POS Retail System – Ensuring Accuracy
With the help of superior quality POS retail system including a real time inventory tracking will assist in ensuring accuracy of on hand inventory. It will save your highly valuable time by producing financial reports in an automatic manner monthly. It also holds the ability to track the required information required for inventory valuation.
It is interesting to capture the cost of each and every inventory item so that the POS system may keep track of on hand inventory values. Meaningful report must include a stock status report on the basis of item, department, estimated cost and sub totals from departmental side. Though inventory files may differ on the basis of requirement, the procedure carried will remain the same.
Retail POS Systems – Saving Time
Items in each and every environment are entered into the inventory and will definitely indicate the size and quantity of pack. We always remain alert to verify the receipt of total number of items ordered along with adjusting the cost. Retail POS systems are nowadays used by retailers to save time.
Through proper maintenance of accurate and up-to-date inventory files, it is easy to examine trends involved in inventory value and accounts receivable it is to be made sure that inventory and accounts received is growing in proportion with revenue cum sales. Point of System software is an indispensible instrument for any business that enable smooth running of the same.
Enhance Sales and Take Business to Next Level
As retail POS solutions vary from one place to another, it is the specific business needs that dictate the right type of electronic point of sale software that will suit you. Time has come to take fruitful decisions at the time of choosing a highly reliable retail management system. You may increase your sales and take your business to the next higher level with POS system.

This system software has been recognized worldwide for providing high quality, impressive and efficient features that will contribute in beating your competitors.  It has also been well known for making the grueling process much simple. Purchasing the right POS software solution along with using it to full benefit is well worth your time and finance. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How Retail POS Enhances Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in turning businesses to popular brands. For retail businesses, treating customers in a good way is very important. As per the latest studies, the credibility of the company is decided by how its customers are treated.  Now customers are very conscious about the way they are treated by the retail businesses such as restaurants, salons, shopping stores etc.
Thus, to meet customer’s expectations, many new products and technologies are introduced. One such new technology that has revolutionized the services of retail businesses is the point of sale system. It is a system that simplifies complex business processes.
Here in this article, we have discussed how retail POS system has helped businesses in improving the customer satisfaction.
Fast transactions: these systems come with a feature of barcode scanning, now the cashier don’t have to copy the numbers to execute the check-out process. Also, there is no manual error thereby making speedy transactions and consumers happy.
Stock management: these systems generate reports for the total inventory, left out stock, best-selling stock. Based on these reports, business owners can check the details of inventory and reorder the required items and best-selling items to make sure that customers always get what they need to buy.
Discount management: these systems also store customer’s data and records. Based on the information, you can keep track of your regular customers and offer them discounts to build a strong customer relationship. You can also send messages or e-mails to tell them about new promotions, special offers etc. 
So, these are few ways by which a good POS system can help your business improve customer satisfaction. Buy it today to make your customers happy and satisfied by your services. Hope this article will help you. Good Luck.

A Salon Point of Sale for Multi Areas

Regardless of whether you are a solitary specialist organization or a multi-stall business, we offer every one of the elements you have to run a smooth and effective salon or spa.
Salon Purpose of Offer for Experts
We comprehend the requirements of salons, all things considered; it is the means by which we begin in making programming. Grass cutting–edge innovation and let us help your salon succeed. Our best in the class cloud-based purpose of offer system is an immaculate fit for any present day salon. Our product is finished with many elements that give salon proprietors the ability to maintain their business from anyplace, regardless of what number of store areas you work. In the aggressive salon industry, conveying world-class client administration to your customer base is vital to develop your business.
Purpose of Offer for Tanning Salons
Tanning salons require a state of offer system that suits their necessities. From booking to stock administration, and worker administration; we are an immaculate match for tanning salons that are keen on the development of their business. Contend with a portion of the greatest names in the tanning salon industry, using our best in the class purpose of offer innovation.
Premium Salon POS System $2,299
The Top notch Salon POS System comes finish with all the equipment you should run your present day salon or spa. This bundle incorporates a PC and all the fundamental purpose of offer equipment you will require. On the off chance that you are opening another salon, then this is the salon POS system for you. Spare cash and time by acquiring this entire system as opposed to obtaining everything separately.
Propelled Salon POS System $999
In the event that you might want to transform your current PC into a total salon POS system, then the propelled salon POS system is for you. This bundle more often than not fits well with little to medium estimated salons or spas that offer items and lean toward examining scanner tags at buy so as to spare time. This bundle incorporates the POS peripherals expected to process administration and item arranges.
Center Salon POS System $749

On the off chance that you as of now have a standardized tag scanner or on the off chance that you do not offer barcoded items, then we suggest the center salon POS system. This system incorporates the fundamentals to kick you off. It is ideal for a little salon POS system and makes an extraordinary mix with the Performance or Standard releases of the salon iris salon programming.

Make Your Business Efficient By Using a Good POS System

You can know your business efficiency by calculating the ratio of your expenditures to the revenue. For example, if your business is making total revenue of 15 crores and your expenses are of 10 crores, then your business efficiency is 0.67. You can work on this number to get a good business efficiency.
Businesses are finding out ways to cut down the cost and increase the efficiency. One such way is to use point of sale system. It is defined as a machine or terminal that is used to simplify and automate different business and customer processes. It comes in a whole software and hardware package. You can use the package with your computer system.
These systems are designed to simplify complex business such as inventory control, order processing, transaction processing, barcode scanning etc.
Moreover, these systems are designed in such a way to offer excellent integration with different store locations. They are based on cloud technology that means if you have done any changes in one store location, they will be synchronized and the information will get updated on all the locations. Thus, this makes very convenient for the business owners to carry out the changes. If you have retail POS system for your business, then the change in stock will get updated on all the store locations.
Plus, you can manage the inventory of your products or goods in the most efficient way. You can check the number of items left in stock, sold-out stock etc. and based on this information, you can order your stock from the manufacturers. Once you are aware that which items are best-selling and you should have them always in your stock, you can increase your business revenue. Hope this article will help you. Best of Luck.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Manage Your Restaurant Efficiently with POS System

POS systems are increasing used to add convenient in managing commercial establishment and businesses. Use of POS has extensively used in restaurant business for the convenience of owner to keep a check on the business. There are many providers for POS system with versatile features and it is a rewarding one time investment for flexible business operation. It is increasingly gaining popularity in restaurant business for the number of benefits it provides.
Efficient Management
With the installation of POS for restaurants, it becomes easy for the owner of the restaurant to keep an eye on sale made and cash flow. The management becomes easy as things are recorded in the system with minimum scope for error. The owner can sync the POS software with his or her phone and ensure efficient management from anywhere through cloud connectivity.
Invoicing and billing
It is one aspect of restaurant that needs to be handled properly for keeping a check on the cash flow. With help of POS system, it is easy to create invoice and print them instantly for the customer. The billing helps in keeping a track of amount earned on day to day basis and opens door for perfect accounting.
Inventory Information
When we talk about inventory, it is stocking up of good and products that are essential for running the restaurant. It is a difficult task to purchase goods every now and often which is maintaining inventory to know about the stock in integral. The best restaurant pos systems keep a track of the inventory, give information about products that are absent and help with the shopping of essential goods.
Customer Convenience
The POS system not only is great for restaurant owners but is of great convenience to the customers. Using the POS, customers can place their order and make payment Via the Kiosk. There are options and features of these POS that enables online ordering and delivery. The POS system can be connected to cloud and used by customers. It also helps the customer to leave any feedbacks or reviews using the POS system in restaurant.
With the advancement of digital technology, POS system is a great replacement for conventional paperwork mode of work. It is not only used in restaurants but many other business. The digital mode of management is very effective and reduces number of errors committed as all the operations are performed using the revolutionary machine. In short, the POS system has reduced human effort.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Perfect Way To Do Retail Business

If you want to talk about POS system then the most advanced and beautiful POS system and structure are only available at iConnect. Since 2010 many changes have been notified in the POS software, but here we try to find out some innovation in POS software through different mobile technologies. Moreover iConnect works in different kind of platforms like iOS, Android or web. Moreover, if we talk about the talent then we have some smartest software developers in our company. The best services offered by iConnect include set of POS tools that help in managing the sales on various platforms.
If we talk about retail POS system then iConnect is the first company that provides fully integrated system when it’s about running your business efficiently. It also helps to manage and sync the data with all kind of devices. Many aspects of the retail business can be handled like sales, revenue, customer relationships, inventory, employees etc.  Also, the facility of open APIs help to develop the entire system properly to know what kind of applications you are using in your system.
Another very important benefit iConnect gives in POS retail system is that it helps the establishment to increase customer loyalty as well. It helps the customer to sign an app that is exclusively for the customers and also it will something that can make your business different from others.  Also, it is assured that you can also have fully customized services to promote your business based on the preferences of your client. Also, iConnect provides the customer with some specifically designed inventory scanner that helps to receive any kind of data faster compare to any other kind of device. The client just needs to scan the brocades and all the other work is taken care by the iConnect. But, the clients must also remember that the iConnect scanner is only available as an add-on if you buy iConnect POS system.

Another kind of benefit which you can possess if you opt for retails iConnect POS system is that you can opt for all kinds of modern facilities in your new POS iConnect. It’s an all in one solution that includes tablets where the customers can insert their service experience, receipt printer, bar code scanner. All of the data of the customer will be connected to the main iConnect account. So it is better that you should replace your old creepy device and opt for a new POS to make your retail business grow faster.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Point of Sale System – Perks You Can Enjoy

Today, in this competitive world, it has become very difficult for businesses to survive successfully. They should continuously put efforts to have an edge of competition. They should use latest tools and technologies that help them to stand out. Point of sale system is one of the outstanding technically professed systems that is designed to transform complicated business processes to simpler ones.
This system offers a myriad of benefits and features people can avail. Accuracy is one of the most valuable benefits businesses can get. POS system has the capability to make complicated accounting tasks simplified and easy. The errors which can occur in manual order processing or stock management can be surpassed by using a good point of sale system.
When a business owner gets to know how the products are performing in the market, which products are popular and which one needs enhancement, it becomes very easy for them to work on the unsuccessful products.  With the point of sale system, you can get a detailed report of the daily sales, revenue generation, best-seller products, items that need improvements. By these readily accessible reports, you can take important business decisions related to marketing activities and promotions.

You can also keep a record of your customer details and use the info for marketing activities such as bulk SMS/emails. By offering fast services, you can enhance your customer service which will help in building strong customer relations. Moreover, these systems allow businesses to process debit/credit cards, membership cards, gift vouchers etc. You can easily manage discount coupons and other loyalty programs for your targeted audience. Thus, business owners can enjoy all these perks by using a good POS system and can take their business to the seventh sky.  Hope this article will help you. Best of Luck.