Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tips for choosing the best POS system for restaurants

Know what your restaurant needs?

It’s significant to take the time you need to reacquaint yourself with your business. If you are not the person out on the floor taking orders a day in and day out, but you are a decision maker then talk to your manager and find out what they need to make their task simpler. In that way, you will be able to choose the best POS system for restaurants.

Do your research and narrow the field?

No two businesses are alike, there are a lot of POS-related resources at your disposal to help ease the burden of this decision. Knowing what your business needs and then doing the research to see what systems can fill those needs is a crucial step in choosing a provider. However, to the restaurant industry, cloud-based POS systems are relatively new, their popularity has taken off in recent years. For each business, there are more than enough options out there to find their match.

Talk to those who were in the same boat like you.

Most probably, you will talk to POS specialists from each provider in the process of selecting potential restaurant POS systems for your business. But, in addition, to have a word with those from the actual company, you’ll also want to chat with restaurateurs that have actual experience with both the software and hardware. In this way, you will get to know the integrity of the company you potentially might work with. Ask the POS provider to provide you the list of similar businesses or restaurants for you to reach out to and ask about their experience. If the POS provider is hesitant in any way or can’t come up with a list, say goodbye to him. The ardent POS provider for the best POS system for restaurants should want to share the positive experiences of other restaurateurs with you.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Manage Salon Operations Conveniently With POS Systems

POS systems are incredible blend of hardware and software which helps majorly in taking care of the finance and operations. It is used in many small and big business for enhancing customer experience, making work for employees hassle free and allowing owner to keep a check on everything easily. With use of POS system, the owner is able to track sales, check for inventory and keep into account cash flow in the business. Salon pos systems have become increasingly popular for wide range of services and benefits it provides. It enriches customer experience and helps owner to connect with employees and customers instantly.

Easy and instant booking using POS system
Gone are the days when appointments for spa and salon session were done on phone calls. With the latest POS system integrated with innovative technology, it enables the customers to smoothly book their appointment. The POS system can also act as ecommerce platform for beauty salons using which customers can place order for their products. Using system for appointment and bookings helps employees to keep a track of customer and purpose of visit.

Build good relationship with customers
Getting a message offering great discount on a salon or spa therapy is mostly irresistible by people. Using the top salon pos systems, it is possible to keep record of all customers and separate a list of VIP customers. The POS systems enable to build good relation with privileged customers by sending them about details they are looking for instantly. As goodwill gesture, you may send message to VIP customers offering discount on certain therapy and treatments.

Manage accounts and cash flow
Using POS systems, it is easy and convenient to manage the cash flow system for salon. As a salon owner you can manage and handle the operations through cloud connectivity from anywhere. The advanced technology helps in managing finance, keeping check on cash flow, prepare instant invoice & receipts and keep a track of inventories. Using the POS system, work process and management becomes very easy.

Salons are usually busy and hounded by customers if it is a good one. Using the POS system, one can enhance customer experience by enabling instant online appointments. It is convenient for the owner and employees as well to take charge of management and operations without error. Customisable and elaborate reports to understand sales and profit loss equation can also be prepared using the POS systems.

Things to Know About POS System for Retail Store

The point of sale system is a kind of software which lets a faster method of processing transactions. It is capable of printing a receipt that serves as a customer’s copy of the transaction she made with your industry. As for your part, it provides an easier method for you to formulate an inventory and keep track of the sales that you have.

Apart from the great benefit where you are capable to experience a more suitable way of managing your business, you are also capable to guard and protect your profit, as the POS software is able of storing important details in your business that will be suitable for your tracking and auditing, even up to detailed and complicated information, such as what particular product was bought or services availed, when it was obtained, through whom it was obtained, & where it was obtained.

Although you might be wary of the cost of implementing a pos system for retail store, you must know that it will quickly pay for itself. Several POS retail system suppliers use a central server at their site and integrate your existing hardware into their system so you don't require spending money for the early start-up use of the system. By minimal pay as you go contracts, your hosted POS retail system can be extremely reasonable. POS retail software can also aid you reduce your costs of doing business. By having precise, real-time information through your POS retail software, you are equipped to make sound business decisions.

Retail POS systems are particularly quick and simple one time sales. The items stored in their database are well defined, and although there can be numerous colors or sizes offered for one item, there isn't extremely much variation in the product. In regards to the sale process, all they require is to pull up an item's information from the list and remove it upon a buy. Of course, this is just in reference the sales aspect of the system; there are still difficult inventory control settings and sales effectiveness metrics that can be used, but in terms of making a deal, the retail system is the most simplistic.

Another significant feature of the pos system retail is its capability to track codes of the purchased items of each client. Suppose a client wants to purchase a particular item which he has bought earlier. The POS terminal can check the accessibility of that particular item. The manager needs not to check the entire store physically to track the exacting item. Moreover, it enables the clients to purchase the correct items.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

All about Developing a Custom-made Franchise POS System

All retail franchises must choose the most effective point of sale system for their operations. This makes one of the most crucial decisions for them. Custom-made POS systems are essential for a franchise as it helps in improving the speed of sales, controls cash and inventory issues and helps managers stay focused on their actual key responsibility areas. Also, it is a smart investment which eventually pays for itself.
A good number of innovative and technically advanced POS system providers like iConnect, are happy to customise their products, so as to make them highly efficient for a particular type of franchise. A franchise POS system having 80% or more solutions to your need, is a cost saver.
How to find a good POS vendor?
Whenever you look for a good POS vendor, make sure that it has spent a good number of years in the industry. Since the POS vendor will be understanding your data security and payment compliances, it needs to be credible and reliable. iConnect has been into this industry for more than half a decade in development of robust POS systems for retail, salon, restaurant, petroleum and other industries.
What should you include in franchise POS system?
First of all, begin with the POS system that helps you create your products.  The POS system should be instinctive to enliven your products with a custom system and then create a collection of features around it. Businesses in retail industry should have POS systems that could limit theft, track inventory and offer custom reporting, along with the robust, foolproof data security. Once the basic features are set, it is easy to add more modules to integrate your training process or track food costs and time scheduling.
The franchise POS system helps the software flow with the operational flow. There is a strong cohesion between product creation and sales process which makes the business function smoothly. An efficient POS system also optimises employee training time and speeds up the sale. Data security, again a crucial issues, is taken care by the best point of sale system for your franchise.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

How Can a POS System Help Your Salon Business?

Whether it is salon or restaurant or shopping store, the most important factor that strengthens businesses is strong customer relationship. Therefore, businesses keep on working on improving customer satisfaction. Long queues, delayed payment transactions etc. are some factors that frustrate customers. Thus to overcome these issues, many salon owners are implementing POS systems.
Here in this blog, we have discussed how a POS system is useful in salon businesses growth:
Fast payments: one of the biggest factors that is responsible for poor customer experience is long transaction processes. People get frustrated standing in long queues waiting for making payment. By using a POS system, you can manage the transactions quickly and efficiently. Also, you can process credit/debit card payments as well.  
Stock: you can manage the stock such as beauty products including shampoos, conditioners etc. and assets such as hair dryer, straightener etc. You can easily know which products are sold out and you have to reorder them.
Sales Reports: any business be it salon or apparel, wants to track their progress and this can be done when you have respective reports of your sale, inventory etc. This salon POS system can give you reports related to your stock, sale, profits, loss etc. so that you can analyze the progress of your business. You can work on new sales techniques to make your customers happy.
Customer Satisfaction: when the factors such as speedy payments, efficient inventory management etc. will work together, then it will lead to full customer satisfaction thereby resulting in extensive business development.

So, by these ways, a POS system can improve salon business growth. Investing in a good POS system is a smart move every salon business owner should follow. Hope this article will help you. Good Luck.   

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Different Types of POS for Your Restaurant Needs

Restaurants are regarded high or low based on the quality of food they serve, friendly and dedicated staff and their location. This cannot be denied. However, restaurants need more than this. No matter how well their menu is and how engaging the people working there are, if there is no solid business infrastructure in place, the magic will be gone in few days.
POS system for restaurants is more than just taking orders and preparing checks. It actually gives the restaurant owner total control on all the operational aspects (important or less) of the restaurants. Here is a list of different types of POS system that suits your restaurant needs. Check them out and buy one today.
1.       Baker POS System: With highly customizable user interface, POS reflects product selection. Easy to keep track of special orders, events and delivery schedules.
2.       Delivery POS System: If your restaurant is majorly into home deliveries then this restaurant POS system suits you. It supports online ordering which reduces the time spent by employees on phone and hence increasing efficiency. The machine also allows for order tracking in-house and monitoring them.
3.       Deli POS System: This type of POS system supports multiple units to earn more local clients as well as exotic ones. Orders are taken at one terminal, and then the order is sent to the deli line. Here the order is filled and presented to the customer. Such kind of POS system rallies inventory management which is the most decisive component of a busy deli.
4.       Bar POS System: One can link pour spouts to the POS system to make sure that bartenders are not pouring more beverages to customers and cutting profits. Drinks are enlisted in the POS, when they are fed to customers, exact amount is deducted from the inventory.

iConnect lets the restaurant owner or a manager stay up-to-date on the progressing world of automated point-of-sale technology in restaurant industry by offering the best POS systems for their restaurants. This POS market leader understands the nuances of various industries using POS systems, therefore iConnect offers countertop, mobile and kiosks type POS solutions to meet the exact demands of the respective industry. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Best Ways to Automatize Your Restaurant with the Most Effective POS System

Technology and automation are surrounding us. From hi-tech bank tellers to robotized retail checkouts, an ever increasing number of enterprises are seeking modernization as a financially savvy, more helpful, and far simpler approach to work altogether. Restaurants, of course, are no special case.
In the first place, what is automation process? Well, it's an inside point-of-sale (POS) automation framework performing task per day, per week and month-wise. Let us sail through some approaches to make the best use of the restaurant POS framework to robotize a restaurant.
Email reports
Email or send a report to anyone only on a schedule time interval. This helps you keep a track of all the work activities that held in the facility even when you are not present. For instance, you can have a daily sales report emailed to you every day once the restaurant closes.
Daily back-up
Restaurant POS can be scheduled to back-up whatever data is available on-board. This can be archived or made accessible for reference or any other use through web or local removable media. It also records execution of a job.
Export Data
Data contained in files can be exported to a third party system like ERP or accounting systems that can be used for the client interface.
Alerts can be set in the POS system for critical decisions to be made. For example, a manager gets an alert if the labor cost exceeds the set amount or any IT personnel gets an alert when restaurant computer system gets disconnected.
Discounts and Vouchers
Loyal customers can receive discount notifications or vouchers in the form of automated emails, as enabled by an efficient POS system for the restaurant.
iConnect lets the restaurant owner or a manager stay up-to-date on the progressing world of automated point-of-sale technology in restaurant industry by offering the best POS systems for their restaurants. This POS market leader understands the nuances of various industries using POS systems, therefore iConnect offers countertop, mobile and kiosks type POS solutions to meet the exact demands of the respective industry.

To grow your restaurant business, make it automated using the best restaurant POS system. Simple. Share these words of wisdom with your other restaurant owner friends (provided you want them to grow too!).