Tuesday, 4 April 2017

All about Developing a Custom-made Franchise POS System

All retail franchises must choose the most effective point of sale system for their operations. This makes one of the most crucial decisions for them. Custom-made POS systems are essential for a franchise as it helps in improving the speed of sales, controls cash and inventory issues and helps managers stay focused on their actual key responsibility areas. Also, it is a smart investment which eventually pays for itself.
A good number of innovative and technically advanced POS system providers like iConnect, are happy to customise their products, so as to make them highly efficient for a particular type of franchise. A franchise POS system having 80% or more solutions to your need, is a cost saver.
How to find a good POS vendor?
Whenever you look for a good POS vendor, make sure that it has spent a good number of years in the industry. Since the POS vendor will be understanding your data security and payment compliances, it needs to be credible and reliable. iConnect has been into this industry for more than half a decade in development of robust POS systems for retail, salon, restaurant, petroleum and other industries.
What should you include in franchise POS system?
First of all, begin with the POS system that helps you create your products.  The POS system should be instinctive to enliven your products with a custom system and then create a collection of features around it. Businesses in retail industry should have POS systems that could limit theft, track inventory and offer custom reporting, along with the robust, foolproof data security. Once the basic features are set, it is easy to add more modules to integrate your training process or track food costs and time scheduling.
The franchise POS system helps the software flow with the operational flow. There is a strong cohesion between product creation and sales process which makes the business function smoothly. An efficient POS system also optimises employee training time and speeds up the sale. Data security, again a crucial issues, is taken care by the best point of sale system for your franchise.

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