Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Different Types of POS for Your Restaurant Needs

Restaurants are regarded high or low based on the quality of food they serve, friendly and dedicated staff and their location. This cannot be denied. However, restaurants need more than this. No matter how well their menu is and how engaging the people working there are, if there is no solid business infrastructure in place, the magic will be gone in few days.
POS system for restaurants is more than just taking orders and preparing checks. It actually gives the restaurant owner total control on all the operational aspects (important or less) of the restaurants. Here is a list of different types of POS system that suits your restaurant needs. Check them out and buy one today.
1.       Baker POS System: With highly customizable user interface, POS reflects product selection. Easy to keep track of special orders, events and delivery schedules.
2.       Delivery POS System: If your restaurant is majorly into home deliveries then this restaurant POS system suits you. It supports online ordering which reduces the time spent by employees on phone and hence increasing efficiency. The machine also allows for order tracking in-house and monitoring them.
3.       Deli POS System: This type of POS system supports multiple units to earn more local clients as well as exotic ones. Orders are taken at one terminal, and then the order is sent to the deli line. Here the order is filled and presented to the customer. Such kind of POS system rallies inventory management which is the most decisive component of a busy deli.
4.       Bar POS System: One can link pour spouts to the POS system to make sure that bartenders are not pouring more beverages to customers and cutting profits. Drinks are enlisted in the POS, when they are fed to customers, exact amount is deducted from the inventory.

iConnect lets the restaurant owner or a manager stay up-to-date on the progressing world of automated point-of-sale technology in restaurant industry by offering the best POS systems for their restaurants. This POS market leader understands the nuances of various industries using POS systems, therefore iConnect offers countertop, mobile and kiosks type POS solutions to meet the exact demands of the respective industry. 

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