Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Best Ways to Automatize Your Restaurant with the Most Effective POS System

Technology and automation are surrounding us. From hi-tech bank tellers to robotized retail checkouts, an ever increasing number of enterprises are seeking modernization as a financially savvy, more helpful, and far simpler approach to work altogether. Restaurants, of course, are no special case.
In the first place, what is automation process? Well, it's an inside point-of-sale (POS) automation framework performing task per day, per week and month-wise. Let us sail through some approaches to make the best use of the restaurant POS framework to robotize a restaurant.
Email reports
Email or send a report to anyone only on a schedule time interval. This helps you keep a track of all the work activities that held in the facility even when you are not present. For instance, you can have a daily sales report emailed to you every day once the restaurant closes.
Daily back-up
Restaurant POS can be scheduled to back-up whatever data is available on-board. This can be archived or made accessible for reference or any other use through web or local removable media. It also records execution of a job.
Export Data
Data contained in files can be exported to a third party system like ERP or accounting systems that can be used for the client interface.
Alerts can be set in the POS system for critical decisions to be made. For example, a manager gets an alert if the labor cost exceeds the set amount or any IT personnel gets an alert when restaurant computer system gets disconnected.
Discounts and Vouchers
Loyal customers can receive discount notifications or vouchers in the form of automated emails, as enabled by an efficient POS system for the restaurant.
iConnect lets the restaurant owner or a manager stay up-to-date on the progressing world of automated point-of-sale technology in restaurant industry by offering the best POS systems for their restaurants. This POS market leader understands the nuances of various industries using POS systems, therefore iConnect offers countertop, mobile and kiosks type POS solutions to meet the exact demands of the respective industry.

To grow your restaurant business, make it automated using the best restaurant POS system. Simple. Share these words of wisdom with your other restaurant owner friends (provided you want them to grow too!).

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