Wednesday, 22 March 2017

5 Sure Shot Signs Telling Your Restaurant Needs a POS System Now

Do you have dissatisfied customers? Are you regularly missing the targets? Do you turn away your customers? Is your restaurant present computer POS system crashing again and again? If you have all the answers in positive, then you need to think because it’s time to switch to the best POS system for restaurants.
Let us navigate through 5 illuminating signs that will drive you to invest in the best restaurant POS systems and software.
1.       You have a big queue outside your restaurant, but your tables are empty. Yes, many restaurant owners will agree. This is purely the sign that the staff is busy taking reservations or they are walking from table to table to check which ones are finishing. Restaurant point of sale software by iConnect enables host staff standing at the podium see the other diners having their meal without leaving the front door. This way tables can be arranged for the new customers.
2.       Peak hours at a restaurant generates maximum fame and revenue. But it can turn into a nightmare if you have a lethargic restaurant cash register system or inefficient enterprise POS. Constant server crashes and system errors will not let you make most out of peak hour opportunities.
3.       If your servers are not with your guests, but at a host station guessing at which tabs to press and which dialog box to cut, you should at once think of buying the best POS system for your restaurant. iConnect promises you a multi-location POS system that you can manage from anywhere.
4.       If the waiting time between two courses are more than 10 minutes, then it needs to be corrected at once. We understand that you have an exhaustive menu and your diners love your three course meal, but no way should you make them wait. An efficient restaurant POS system improves the communication between host staff, server and kitchen staff.
5.       If your ‘no reservations’ strategy fails, someday or the other, your customers are going to say to the waiting you offer and you cannot afford to lose them. With the best restaurant POS system from iConnect, the host staff can take reservations effortlessly as it enables online booking, viewing detailed seat mapping and availability during peak hours.

To save your restaurant from any trouble, the best choice is to have the best POS system for your restaurant.

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